How microsilver can be a long-term protection against microbial corrosion
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Sven Donhuysen
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The serious problems caused by bacteria in the oil, gas & water industries can be eliminated thanks to a breakthrough new product, a revolutionary antimicrobial coating specifically tailored to these industries. A wide-spectrum of bacteria, including Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) and Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC) can now be eliminated from oil, gas and water pipelines as well as tanks. The product employs ground-breaking yet simple process that kills a whole host of bacteria in an ecologically friendly way without using harsh chemicals. The oil & gas industry literally spends billions annually to deal with the devastating effects of corrosion. Microsilver can avoid these costs, making a significant difference in your bottom line. The new Sterilos Microsilver product for the oil & gas industry is a special coating that stops corrosion by killing SRB and other bacteria continuously throughout the entire lifetime of the product. This longterm performance is due to the special “depot effect” found in all of Microsilver products. Streilos offers different solutions for existing and new pipelines including an additive for existing pipelines that can be used as an alternative to harsh, expensive chemicals like THPS. Both solutions are also compatible for water pipelines.