Long Pipes Fluid Highways for CO2 and Hydrogen
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Neil Graham
Neil Graham
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Long Pipes (LPL) is developing a continuous integrated network of thermoplastic lined fiber reinforced thermoset pipe,100 bar MOP; CO2 + H2, 300mm-3m. Made in the field 10m/min off the back of a truck. To be certified with DNV. Different from a line of pipes/ pipeline; we call them Fluid Highways (FH)* or H2H (H2H). Completed 4 projects in the field and entered DNV certification.  Testing for "Raw CO2" = CO2 with water + acids + residual combustion gasses that normally destroy steel pipe.  Not affected by most acids, not permeable to CO2.  CSIRO testing as well as the DNV certification have been delayed by COVID for almost a year. 

For hydrogen, the pipe is not impacted by hydrogen embrittlement at 100 bar. Testing with the CSIRO Melbourne is not complete due to COVID. CSIRO expect to be complete by PTC in March, 

We have been developing inner liners designed to stop the hydrogen permeation through the liner and the pipe.   This is progressing well and we expect to announce findings by March.

This exceptional performance as a network is made possible by two unique features Locked Liner Joint (LLJ)* and the Locked Liner fittings for T Y elbows, etc. This creates a sealed integrated locked liner network that is unique to the FH onshore and offshore; the first project customer has requested 30kms/day CO2 offshore.

With this technology the Fluid Highway networks for CO2 and hydrogen hold the potential to transport CO2 and hydrogen to significantly impact climate change with tens of thousands of kilometers in discussions in many countries and the first customer projects demonstration started. 

In addition to the physical performance, we are integrating the FH into the IOT using fiber optics sensors in a unique way to enhance sensor performance.

*FH Patented  (LLJ) Patent applied for. 

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