Management and Prevention of Action of Third Parties in the Bands of Pipelines of PETROBRAS TRANSPORTE S.A. in Regional South
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George Araujo Junior
George Medeiros Araujo Junior, Geisa Elaine de Souza
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The ducts of transport and transfers are critical points in the logistics of the oil industry, an accident would interrupt the process and causing damage and the most diverse environmental impacts. The failure mode Action of Third Parties establishes steps regarding the interference of third parties with these products. A good management of these Interferences contributes to the prevention accidents, in order to monitor and manage third party services in the areas of use of PETROBRAS. In attendance at the Legislation in force in Brazil, it has on the procedures of a preventive nature for follow-up of the works of interference, TRANSPETRO performs systematic analysis of technical feasibility, the drafting of technical advice, issuing of document regulator, monitoring the work of interference and update of the Builts, shares also consonants internal Rules and Procedures of the Company. The purpose of this study is to describe the procedures for the Management of the Prevention of Action of Third Parties, its tools of management and control of processes and as the application of these, resulted in no touch involuntary, in the last few years, considering also the reduction of the times for the approval of projects for interference in Regional South of Transpetro. The results will be presented as compared before and after, substantiated theoretically and methodologically developed, as well as the difficulties of implementation of these actions and future projects for the continuous improvement of processes.

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