Maximising accuracy of MFL pipeline inspection
Ben Scott
Ben Scott, Steven Farnie
Part of the proceedings of

There have been significant advances in magnetic flux leakage (MFL) in-line inspection (ILI) technologies in recent years. These have led to improvements in Probability of Detection (POD), Probability of Identification (POI) and Probability of Sizing (POS).

Whilst often the main focus of these advancements is the inspection vehicle itself, the end product of an inline inspection service is reliable and accurate data. This end product is influenced by various technological factors which include: recognition and detection algorithms; complex sizing models; robust and rigorous processes and highly trained and skilled data analysts.

This paper explores all the main factors that contribute to delivering the reliable and accurate inspection reports that pipeline operators demand today. This review will be supported by extensive comparison of ‘as reported’ data vs ‘in ditch’ findings. This is particularly valuable for operators of inaccessible pipelines, where proving ILI performance is at least challenging, and often not possible.

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