Mechanical Damage Assessment Using Multiple Data Sets in Inline Inspection

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05 Sep 2016
Abel Lopes
Abel Lopes
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Mechanical damage by third party intervention continues to be a major factor in reportable incidents for hazardous liquid and gas pipelines. While several ongoing programs seek to limit third party damage incidents through public awareness, encroachment monitoring and one-call systems, others have focused efforts on the quantification of mechanical damage severity through modelling, the use of inline inspection (ILI) tools, and subsequent feature assessment at locations selected for excavation. Current generation ILI tools capable of acquiring multiple-data-sets in a single survey will provide an improved assessment of the severity of damaged zones using methods developed in earlier research programs as well as currently reported information. Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) type tools, using multiple field levels, varied field directions and high accuracy deformation sensors, enables accurate detection, sizing and classification thus providing fundamental data for enhanced severity assessments. This paper will provide a review of multiple data set ILI results from several pipe joints with simulated mechanical damage locations created mimicking right-of-way encroachment events in addition to field results from ILI surveys using multiple data set tools.

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