New Pipeline Coating Systems - Putting an End to Coating Degradation
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H. Vugteveen
Frits Doddema, Henk Vugteveen
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Pipelines in oil and gas industries, represent a huge investment and have to operate safe, trouble-free and non-stop for their entire design life. Coating systems should protect the pipeline for external corrosion. However, coating degradation may lead to the creation of serious corrosion risks. A new innovative low costs coating technology is invented, developed, produced and marketed nowadays by STOPAQ B.V., The Netherlands for rehabilitation and new construction of pipeline coatings and field joint coatings. The chemical and physical properties of the new coating material do not cause the degradation problems encountered when using conventional coating systems. The new coating material is based on fully amorphous, not cross-linked polyolefins as in a molten polymer. The new coating material exhibits properties that meet the properties of conventional coating systems. On top of that the new coating material has some new additional “live saving and extending” properties inherent to the type of coating material, like self-healing (or rehabilitation) of small damages due to its viscous nature and no problems with so called cathodic disbondment. Several obstacles have limited the wide acceptance of this technology in the past. The obstacles included lack of good norms and the perception the new material is “an ordinary tape”. A technical assessment by Shell Global Solutions was a milestone in a long way which resulted in the description of the new and viscous coating material as field joint coating in an Amendment to ISO 21809-3 which was published in 2011.

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