New Product and Method for In-Trench Pipeline Support and Support for Stringing and Welding
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Geoff Connors
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When rock is encountered during pipeline construction different solutions have historically been used to protect the pipe. Four ad-hoc solutions have been used as support, each having its own issues. o Sand piles - difficult to install, can oval or dent the pipe o Sand bags require hand placement for proper support. In open trenches, it’s time consuming and dangerous. o Spray-in foam obstructs cathodic protection, environmentally unstable and foam compresses. o Foam pillows can float out of position, compress under heavy loads and are concerns about cathodic shielding. To address these problems a new product has been specifically designed for in and out of trench pipeline support – Poly Pipeline Support (PPS). PPS provides in-trench support to permanently suspend the pipeline above a rocky trench bottom and is used adjacent to the trench, replacing wooden skids as stackable pipeline supports, for stringing and welding. Trials conducted on the El Paso 42” Ruby Pipeline proved the product is quick and easy to install; kept the pipeline centered; and maintained a design height of 8”. PPS is lightweight; can be installed from outside the trench; doesn’t float or biodegrade; and doesn’t restrict cathodic protection. The same trial tested PPS as a replacement for wooden skids during the stringing and welding process. The support proved cost effective for speed of installation, materials and labor. Four stacked supports replaced 27 wooden skids, and elevated the pipeline to 32" for welding. PPS are stackable and easily transported and offered at a competitive price. PPS are injected molded, made from high strength, long lasting, and environmentally inert polypropylene. The product supports larger diameter pipelines (16” OD plus) and are engineered to withstand extreme loads.