The Nord Stream Offshore Pipeline Repair Strategy - Preparing for Contingencies
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Andrey Voronov
Andrew Mark Turnbull, Andrey Voronov
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Nord Stream owns and operates a strategic infrastructure that links Russia to the EU for long term supply of natural gas. Nord Stream is committed to the best in terms of safety and reliability of gas transportation, and wants to comply with the highest professional standards related to its activity. Within this framework a comprehensive pipeline integrity management system has been developed in the early years of operation and is being implemented. One of the most advanced elements of the system is Offshore Repair Strategy. Nord Stream Offshore Repair Strategy aims at providing optimal repair preparedness. A significant damage to the Nord Stream pipelines is very unlikely since most of it is offshore and the design is very robust. However in the event damages to the pipeline would jeopardize integrity and threaten gas transportation capability, the consequences would be quite substantial and it was decided to invest into a contingency setup. The Nord Stream Repair Strategy consists of following elements: • Proper organizational structure including internal organization and agreements with appropriate contractors • Availability of necessary spares • Long-lead items of repair equipment to be procured, stored and maintained • Upfront development of procedures for all possible repair cases • Availability of qualified and trained personnel in accordance with the procedures The presentation describes the process of development of Nord Stream Repair Strategy and reports on its current status.

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