Novel Oil Leak Detection Monitoring System for Above Ground Pipeline
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Dr. Steve Edmondson
Dr. Steve Edmondson, Adrian Banica
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The design and installation of a novel Oil Leak Detection for an above ground pipeline will be described. This features several different detection devices, some sense at a single point, others sense over a long length of pipeline. All of them feature direct detection of hydrocarbons using a proprietary technology rather than inferred detection. Each of the detection devices is connected wirelessly to a data management system which collects data and sends out alerts when Oil is detected by one or more sensors.

The design of each detection device will be described, along with the overall design that provides leak detection for the entire length of the pipeline. Development of algorithms to alert for the presence of Oil based on the sensor input will be discussed.

A cloud based asset and data management system is used to monitor the devices, the interface for this system will be demonstrated. 

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