Pipe Ramming machines for HDD Assist & Rescue ensuring smoothly running pipeline jobsites
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Dr. Hans-Joachim Bayer
Dr. Hans-Joachim Bayer
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GRUNDORAM pneumatically driven pipe ramming machines are mainly used for the dynamic installation of pipelines beneath roads, railway embankments and rivers. These machines, which provide thrust forces up to 40,000 kN (4,000 t), enable the economic installation of open steel pipes as casing or product pipes up to 4,000 mm diameter, over lengths up to 80 m, in soil classes 1–5 (partly even class 6 – easily soluble rock) without the need for jacking abutments. Pipe ramming machines are also used for HDD Assist & Rescue in pipeline construction. When problems arise on a HDD project you need to act quickly to avoid a costly situation. Pipe ramming offers proven solutions for tough drilling problems. The unrivalled percussive power of the GRUNDORAM pipe rammer can help free jammed pipes and drill rods, overcome hydrolock, remove product pipes and more. Have a hammer on site during your next HDD project and ensure a trouble free installation. Conductor Barrel In soils which are impossible to bore through, a steel pipe is rammed through the relevant soil layer, the fluid-assisted horizontal drilling operation can commence then. Pull-Back Assist When pulling in steel pipes for HDD, the GRUNDORAM can give dynamic support or release pipes if they become jammed. The ramming machine is connected to the steel pipe in the rear to allow the application of impact energy, synchronised with the pulling speed. HDD Rod Recovery Pulling out trapped drill rods with the aid of an adapter and dynamic ramming force. Bore Salvage Retrieving jammed product casing pipes after the HDD operation.

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