Pipeline Drag Reduction Technology and Impact to Refining and Quality
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Morgan Brown
Ray Johnston, Morgan Brown
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ConocoPhillips Specialty Products Inc. (CSPI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ConocoPhillips Company, is the global leader in the science and application of drag reduction to pipelines. For over 30 years, through the use of flow improvers, also known as drag reducing agents (DRAs), CSPI has provided solutions that allow pipelines to maximize their flow potential, increase operational flexibility, and increase bottom-line profit potentials. DRAs are hydrocarbon-based materials which reduce frictional pressure loss during turbulent flow in a pipeline, enabling companies to strategically reduce or avoid capital expenses, improve pipeline operating costs and/or expand their pipeline system capacity. CSPI has a range of products to drag reduce crude oil, refined products, heavy oil, and multiphase fluids. CSPI’s presentation at the Pipeline Technology Conference will introduce DRA Technology, the benefits of using such a technology for the pipeline and oil industry, DRA refinery impact testing, and flow improver impact on fuel quality and biodiesel.

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