Pipeline Operational Integrity, Management & Compliance in the age of IIOT
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Steve Hill
Stephen Hill
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We propose presenting a paper on the challenges presented to C-suite level management faced with ever growing legislation, QHSE compliance and threats from Cyber attacks Some of the current industry challenges:- Alarm Management Pipeline inspection management Leak detection Remote operations Cyber Security legislation We will present a summary of the current challenges addressed by the available technologies in Pipeline Operations & Management. We will then then focus on the following topics:
  • Latest technologies
    • UAV
    • Safety Wearables
  • Cyber Security
    • NIST directive
    • SL level assessments
  • Remote Operations
    • How it is done
    • Advantages over current methods
  • Modbus replacement
  • The modern control room
    • Collaboration Station
    • The operator as a Business Manager
Discussion points How IIOT is being used by Maintenance and Operations staff with Intelligent Wearables to bring plant critical data back to a central location and how it can be analysed and used to make the right decisions expediently. We will explore how UAV’s are being used to detect hairline fractures in pipelines, as well as providing high-resolution images to assist with security and maintenance procedures. Remote Operations is becoming more prevalent with the shortage of skilled personnel driving this demand, we will share some of the technologies involved in this solution, along with this we will also discuss what the modern control room looks like and the drivers to replace Modbus and how this forms part of a modern Cyber Secure facility. Finally, we will talk about the move from Operation to Business Management and how technology can empower staff to combine the knowledge they have with powerful analytics to make intelligent decisions leading to increased profitability with the knowledge the process is being managed with the highest level of safety.

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