The power to know more about pipeline anomalies
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Dr. Mike Kirkwood
Matt Romney, Dane Burden, Miguel Maldonado, Mike Kirkwood
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We experience the world around us constantly using the senses of touch, smell, touch, sight and hearing. An early morning hike through a mountain path brings the rustle of trees in the breeze; cool, crisp mountain air to the lungs; deep valley views with the rising sun; and the sound and feeling of the snap of a twig beneath a boot. The comprehensive experience is augmented with each additional sense that is engaged, as the person simultaneous takes in all of the senses at once. All five senses are utilized to trigger natural responses of joy, awareness and even alarm.

Pipeline integrity, like the human senses can be augmented similarly with the addition of multiple independent streams of integrity data collected simultaneously. Specifically, the combination of axial high field magnetic flux leakage (MFL), helically oriented high field MFL, axial low-field MFL, high-resolution geometry and high-resolution mapping, when collected simultaneously, can provide the most comprehensive inspection for pipeline anomalies.

Case studies for several anomaly types will be reviewed, including mechanical damage, selective seam weld corrosion, seam features, wrinkle bend assessment and puddle weld repairs. In each case study, the ability to overcome detection, classification and sizing limitation of individual technologies will be presented, outlining the benefits of the multiple data set approach.

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