Prediction of material properties and structural performance of JCO-E offshore pipes
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Prof. Spyros Karamanos
Aris Stamou, Ilias Gavriilidis, Christos Palagas, Efthymios Dourdounis, Nikos Voudouris, Athanasios Tazedakis, Spyros Karamanos
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The present paper continues previous works of the authors and presents the application of advanced finite element tools to predict the influence of cold-forming on material properties and collapse resistance of steel JCO-E pipes. Results are obtained for a thick-walled with diameter 30 inch, corresponding to diameter-to-thickness ratio value less than 20. The numerical simulations are supported by key laboratory experiments that determine the material properties of steel pipe and steel plate, which are used for forming the JCO-E pipe, and accounts for the influence of heat-treatment on pipe material and its effects on collapse is also discussed. The results of this paper are also correlated with recent full-scale collapse experiments performed in C-FER. The experimental data and the numerical results on collapse pressure of pipe are compared with the predictions of the DNVGL-ST-F101 formula, and suggestions on the value of fabrication factor are made, considering the material strength recovery due to mild heat treatment. Finally, the influence of heat treatment on material strength recovery and the collapse capacity is discussed.

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