The Proven Efficiency of Epoxy Flow Coats for The Protection of Gas Transmission Pipelines
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Pascal Collet
Pascal Collet, Bernard Chizat
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Gas transmission is predominantly managed by pipelines and the LNG transport chain combined with the shipment of liquefied gas by dedicated vessels. In light of continuously increasing worldwide gas demand, new routes are being envisaged and several new gas transmission pipelines are planned or under construction, such as South Stream, The Southern corridor and the Tri-nation Pipeline. For over 50 years, internal linings of gas pipelines – known as internal flow coatings – have been used to counter adverse effects on pipeline capacity, operation and pumping costs caused by the rough internal surface of steel pipes and the consequent build-up of deposits and corrosion products. Liquid epoxy coating materials have been at the forefront of flow coating technology and are now widely recognized as a highly efficient solution. This paper outlines the benefits of internal flow coatings and the developments that have been made over recent decades in terms of coating materials, taking into account new challenges associated with gas production and transmission, and how they meet the requirements of international standards and specifications.

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