Quality control for PE pipe installations: a comparison of QC methods and an exploration of the challenges and advantages of developing new QC approaches
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Dr. Michail Kalloudis
Michail Kalloudis
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20% of electrofusion (EF) fittings, commonly used in plastic pipelines around the world, are anticipated to fail before their designed service life. This failure rate is particularly prevalent in newly installed, large diameter electrofusion welds. There exists a distinct need in the plastic pipe installation industry for enhanced quality testing methods and approaches to bring this staggering figure down for any company or contractor who use or install plastic pipelines. There are QC test methods already available in the industry, but how often are they employed and what are their limitations in actually identifying anything more than a very poor quality EF weld? This presentation delivered by Impact Solutions - the plastic testing, research and development laboratory - will explore our experiences of the most common problems observed in electrofusion welds through the use of case studies from installations; compare the current QA/QC approaches available to the industry; and discuss the challenges of developing new QC innovations for the PE pipe welding industry.

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