Realize Effective Methane Emission Quantification Using a step-by-step Approach
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Cindy Verhoeven
Cindy Verhoeven
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Since the launch of the OGMP 2.0 Reporting Framework, pipeline owners who are members are now requested to measure, quantify, and report the methane emissions performance of their assets. Since this is a new requirement, they are searching for an approach to quantify emissions in an accurate and credible way, which is challenging.

We see that pipeline owners often focus heavily on monitoring their pipeline’s condition and perform many (random) assessments but lack a structured step-by-step approach to quantify and help reduce their methane emissions year after year.

In order to gather accurate emission data, a credible baseline should be established for each asset and source type to know the current emission situation. This is followed by using the best available techniques for each source type and emission type to measure the emissions and retrieve a credible emission figure. Finally, emission data should be aggregated using correct emission calculations to draw credible conclusions and to create a plan for continuous improvement and further reductions afterwards.

In this paper, I will share how pipeline owners can quantify methane emissions in a credible way and realize reductions year after year in compliance with OGMP 2.0 and other global and local regulations. The data used in this paper will be based on collected emission data from more than 9.000 emission management projects gathered over the past 30 years.

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