Recommended practices for the integrity mechanical and risk management in pipelines using the codes ASME and ANSI API
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Leonardo Espinosa Cortes
Leonardo Espinosa Cortes
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The demand for oil and gas transport leads to new challenges for the inspection and maintenance activities in Pipelines as the requirement of compliance with optimum operating conditions. Nowadays, we have norms and codes applicable for these activities and various countries around the world have internal procedures to highlight these activities necessary for Pipelines. In this paper, the principal objective is to provide guidance necessary to create a “Plan of Pipeline Integrity Management” using the recommendations and criteria of the codes ASME and ANSI API for Pipelines that collect and transport gas and liquids, providing the adequate steps from inspections maintenance, repair and mitigation, as the various technologies that exist for better results and greater reliability in the mechanical integrity of Pipelines, providing programs and intervals to attend the activities and if it is required, the repair through the assessments made to the Pipeline in the past. The steps to apply a correct activity of inspection and maintenance for any Pipeline is according to the type of Flaw or Damage Mechanism detected and supported by the Codes ASME and ANSI API and the internal procedures of the Company that control the operation in the Pipeline and in this case, exists different options to attend the correct activity.

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