Reliable and Cost Effective Leak Detection with an New Generation of Ultrasonic Pigs
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Wolf Böckler
Wolf Böckler, Rene Landstorfer
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Inline inspections of pipelines are normally cost- and time-intensive and often the whole system has to be shut down for the operation. Now there is a new system that makes leak detection less expensive but more reliable while the pipeline is running! The sytem of Gottsberg Leak Detection is a small ultrasonic detector which can be used for different pipeline diameters by mounting it to chassis made for each pipeline. Its unique technique is to record the noises in and around the pipeline with 128 channels and that makes it extremly reliable and eliminates false alarms. All the sounds you can now detect even nearby the pipeline do not interfere the performance at all, actually they improve it by making the localization of leaks much more accurate. Now it is sure that a detected noise in the run is for example the factory at a specific point of your pipeline and not a leak which could produce noises at the same frequency. The GLD 202 is the only intelligent pig in the world with an ATEX certification of the german TÜV for Ex Zone 0. You can put it into your pipeline, whatever you are transporting, it then flows in the medium and after retrieving it, you attach it to a computer and the analysis can be done so easily, that most of our customers do it on their own. It is like listening with your eyes and learning a new language! -- "Pipelinish" --

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