Remote Monitoring and Control (Corrocontrol)
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Dr. Basil Ali
Basil Ali
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Corrosion of pipelines, storage tanks, cables and other underground or submerged metal structures causes each year considerable economic losses. Despite the improvement in passive corrosion protection in recent years, supplementary cathodic protection remains the most effective and economic method of protecting structures in contact with corrosive soil and water. Cathodic protection has proved its reliability in numerous applications and various designs even when applied to existing structure. Cathodic protection can be applied for preventing electrochemical corrosion damage to metallic structure in contact with some corrosive electrolyte. Some of the important metallic objects which can be protected by this technique are as follows: Pipeline, Plant Areas, Offshore Structure, Well Caings, Steel Rebars in Concrete and Internal Protection. Requirements Cathodic protection systems can only keep their efficiency if they are inspected at regular intervals. This is often very costly and time consuming, especially, if the systems are installed in remote areas. Solution Therefore many cathodic protection systems are monitored since some years, where telecommunication cables are running parallel to pipelines or where cathodic protection systems are installed in areas covered by global mobile communication systems. With the new telecommunication generation it will be possible to transfer data from any point of the world via satellite (IRIDIUM). This will allow monitoring and control of every world wide installed cathodic protection system. The features of the system are as follows: Monitoring and Adjustment: DC Voltage, DC Current and ON/OFF potential Alarm: Low Potential, High potential and CP system not operating Advantages
  1. Reduce operation and maintenance costs by assessing failures before they occur.
  2. Reliable documented data and information.
  3. Process and prepare the system performance reports in the required forms.
  4. Creation of the possibility to remotely adjust and control the protection current and also to synchronize cathodic protection stations.

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