Road to Success - Guidelines and Winning Practises for the Onshore Pipeline Industry
Proceedings Publication Date
Juan Arzuaga
“ONSHORE PIPELINES / The Road to Success” was prepared and written under the patronage of IPLOCA, the International Pipeline and Offshore Contractors Association. IPLOCA is a non-profit Association with the key objective to foster and develop the science and practice of constructing onshore and offshore pipelines and associated works. “The Road to Success” came to life in 2003 as a joint project based on a concept of industrialising the laying of large diameter pipelines for better, safer and faster installation.
A number of working groups comprised of industry specialists were formed to identify the main bottlenecks and fields of potential improvements within global pipeline projects, including the sectors of Health, Safety and the Environment.  With all parties motivated to develop and improve the findings, in 2009 the 1st Edition of the “Road to Success” was completed.

Companies and persons having participated in this joint effort include people coming from oil & gas, investors & owners, design companies, construction contractors, suppliers and specialised subcontractors. This joint approach aims at producing a document that can be used by all stakeholders in the pipeline industry, with the goal to improve planning, mitigate risks, and improve relationships between owners/investors and construction contractors.

It is IPLOCA’s greatest hope that this document will be considered as a reference document for education of people coming to the Pipeline Industry.

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