SCC in Ethylene Glycol Pipelines Investigation
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Hamad Al-Dhamashi
Hamad Al-Dhamashi, Dr. Khalid Sheltami, Dr. Saud Al-Subai
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Pipeline mechanical integrity is essential for continuous operations. This is especially important if the pipeline is located in the marina area at elevated temperatures. If pipelines are covered with insulation, the problem becomes more complicated as corrosion could be hidden under the pipeline insulation. In this paper, ethylene glycol pipelines, which suffered from severe CUI, are investigated. The investigation starts with stripping off the installations, conducting the necessary NDT, assessing the structural integrity of the pipelines, and making the necessary repairs. The investigation also includes the challenging of the licensure's recommendations of keeping the insulation on the pipelines and why it is not required, which resulted in substantial financial savings. Finally, the investigation provides recommendations on the path forward for all the other EG pipelines.

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