Smart Pipelines - Benefits of IoT technologies for Pipeline Operations

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14 Jun 2019
Serhii Konovalov
Serhii Konovalov
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IoT represents the major contribution to improve efficiencies and operation of industries and deliver digital transformation. We have seen the impact of digital transformation by companies like Tesla, Uber, Spotify, AirBnB and others that have transformed and changed the industries. Pipeline Operations Industry is not far away and it is in clear need for IoT to help keep integrity up for ageing assets, long distance liner assets, unexpected cyber threats and ageing workforce. Technologies such as distributed acoustic sensing, drone monitoring, advanced sensory for in-inline inspection of O&G pipelines and others have demonstrated true economic impact on pipeline operations. With machine learning and advanced sensory, we are seeing new technological breakthroughs are being opening up for Pipeline Operations to benefit. This session is focused to outline the major IoT trends in Pipeline Operations and demonstrate practical examples of implementation and economic impact

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