Study of fuel transportation polychloroprene pipes degradation. Proposal of a characteristic stress endurance model
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Prof. Amar Ayache
Prof. Ayache Amar
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The forecasting of neoprene lifetime constitutes a major industrial stake for the set of mechanical manufactured elements with this material such as suction and discharge piping of hydrocarbons, gaz piping, hot tar and petroleum products. The use of this material in these cases, beside, has show that this material deteriorates again more quickly under the combination effect of temperature and fatigue. To characterize this, we carried fatigue tests in alternate tension on a set of new neoprene samples and ageing ones during 48h and 96h at 100°C into a universal ventilated steam shape room. The experimental results show, that the (S, N) curves for the three samples have the same shape and that the fatigue strength brutally falls between the new sample and the aged one, indicating a loss of fatigue characteristics of this material under accelerated ageing.

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