Transportgas Srbija – Upgrade of gas transport system of Serbia
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Dr. Ilija Kupresanin
Ilija Kupresanin, Borislav Rozic
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Transportgas Srbija is a Serbian national company working in the field of natural gas transport and management of that system. Every year our company transports more than three billion cubic meters of natural gas to large industrial consumers and distributors connected to the gas transmission system. In winter, more than 17 million m3/day of natural gas is transported safely and reliably throughout Serbia. We have over 2530 km pipeline in Serbia with four Input Imported gas, 10 inlets from domestic fields and one UGS Bantaski Dvor. Transportgas Srbija also has around 200 Gates, two points to other TSOs. The paper will describe the challenges to modernize gas transport systems, which include the following topics.

Gas Transport System

    Gas transport is performed reliably and continuously because Transportgas Serbia provides 365/24 supervision and control of the parameters and balances of the gas transport system. The transport system is monitored from the dispatch center with approximately 30.000 data points, with a separate application for maintenance. The SCADA system itself is hosted on two separate control sites, which are functionally equivalent. Servers are in a virtual cluster environment.

    Simulation System

      During the upgrade process a new application was implemented. The On-line Simulation System is a gas management application that tracks the flow transients in a pipeline system. Its input is real-time telemetry data, which are typically provided by a SCADA system.


        In order to improve the pipeline security, a new cybersecurity solution has been implemented according with the relevant NERC CIP standards. Security solutions for the SCADA system include the use of two factor authentication via PKI smart cards, SSL communication, strict firewall rules as well as specific server located in the DMZ. Control and access permissions are regulated by Active Directory as well as Certification Authority.

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