Unlocking Trans Adriatic Pipeline Subsea Data Through an Inovative Approach in Utilising Offshore Survey Video Recordings for a Fuller, more Reliable Pipeline Assessment
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Dmitry Gramoteyev
Dmitry Gramoteyev, Wilson Santamaria
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Any modern approach to pipeline risk and integrity assessment dictates the use of multiple independent data sources. Using all available survey and inspection data allows a complete picture to be built but is also the most valuable means of cross-checking the data provided. Choosing the correct combination of data types within a single integrity assessment process using software that facilitates access to the variety of construction, operation, and inspection data available is a challenge.

Offshore pipeline surveys produce a unique data source – continuous video recording of the entire length of the surveyed pipeline. Modern Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) are capable of using multiple high resolution cameras looking at the pipeline from different angles thus providing an indisputable point of view that complements all other offshore survey data types: event list, cross-profiles, reconstructed 3D seabed.

However, offshore video recordings are somewhat difficult to handle for a number of reasons : the large number of files provided, confusing file naming schemes, incompatibility of video codecs used, and just the considerable size of the data set and the difficulties team members have accessing it. Consequently, offshore video has been a specialist tool of last resort and a proving ground in individual cases.

Our project with Trans Adriatic Pipeline changes everything by providing a novel approach to storing, organizing and providing immediate access to video recordings (and the entire history of offshore survey data) for all team members.

Our approach analyses video data redundancy based on the spatial coordinates of the ROV, its hovering altitude, camera frustum and relative orientation to pipeline. The amount of data stored is optimized, producing smaller independent segments that are significantly faster to retrieve and present.

This method provides immediate access to all offshore video for the entire team taking offshore pipeline integrity to a whole new level.

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