Is Water the New Oil? Towards Better Integrity Management of Water Networks

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31 May 2018
Julian Piquemal
Julian Piquemal
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Water management has a big room for improvement: by 2050, water demand is estimated to grow up to 55%. United Nations underlines the necessity to increase efforts on resources management and optimization. For instance, a 19 000 billions of euros loss has been estimated related to deterioration of wetlands. Water issues are different from the Oil & Gas industry: transported product is harmless and risk on the environment and Human being is lower. However, Water is a critical resource in developing countries but also a wasted resource in developed countries. Optimization of leak investigation process seems to be a key point for a better management of the resource. Whatever differences are present between Oil & Gas and Water industry it is possible to adapt and implement international methodologies to Water management. The Water Integrity Management is directly inspired from the Pipeline Integrity Management that has been developed for the O&G industry. It is based on a dynamic segmentation process which helps mapping an entire network to identify areas of interest where leak could be an issue. Same as for O&G pipelines, threats that are influencing water pipeline integrity are assessed and classified in order to bring the best overview of what may impact the pipeline network. Thanks to Water integrity management, an efficient management could allow to: prioritize inspections, better allocate maintenance resources, ease leak detection, and above all, save the resource.

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