What are The Differences Between Composite Repairs, What Should a Pipeline Operator be Aware of When Choosing a Composite Repair?
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James Knights
James Knights, Andrew Patrick
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Composites repairs are regularly used to reinforce weakened areas of high pressure transmission pipelines, including the repair of mechanical and corrosion defects. Composites are a prudent choice for operators as they require no hot-work and enable the pipeline to operate while the repair is being installed. There any many different options for composite pipeline repair available on the market, making choosing the correct one particularly challenging for pipeline operators, to add to this option there are also numerous guidelines all offering different repair lifetimes. This paper highlights some of the key choices to make when considering the correct composite repair for pipelines including fibre choice, composite architecture and repair lifetime. The repair also looks at the different guidelines with regards to pipeline and pipework repair, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses enabling the operator to make an informed choice as to which composite repair is best for the pipeline.

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