The World‘s First Floating Offshore LNG Terminal - The Offshore LNG Toscana Project
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Dr. Stefan Bürkle
Dr. Stefan Bürkle, Frederick John Venner
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As the OLT Project becomes better known the LNG world is increasingly curious as to  the recent changes to the company make up and the on going conversion of the vessel Golar Frost into FSRU Toscana at Duba. In this presentation we intend to explain  the current project status and share some insights in the challenges that a project of this scope and scale poses. To this end the presentation will address some of the unusual technical and environmental issues related to a FSRU located in open sea, 12 miles offshore Italy,  comment on the permitting and project management challenges that had to be harnessed and highlight selected commercial issues related to the commercial model being used as a basis for all LNG suppliers to the terminal.

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