PIPECARE Group is a fully-fledged Research and Development Centre with first-class engineers and a multitude of Ph.D. & M.D. holders. We provide intelligent In-line Inspection Services to pipeline operators in the oil and gas industry, ensuring pipeline integrity by delivering highly accurate information for Maintenance & Repair Programs.

PIPECARE Technology was developed by engineers who have created many of the inspection tools and technologies in the market today; through the merger of companies and expertise within those companies.

As a global leader in the ILI industry, PIPECARE’s reach extends to an extensive clientele around the globe. It has played a pivotal role in providing efficient ILI solutions to renowned entities within the oil and gas sector worldwide. Among its esteemed clients stand prominent names like SAUDI ARAMCO, ADNOC, GRT-Gas France, TRAPIL, API, ENAGAS, American Pipeline Solutions, Manitoba Hydro, and Canadian Natural Resources Limited, underscoring its remarkable footprint in the industry.

PIPECARE Group is committed to continuously providing excellent service to our customers to help achieve pipeline integrity and zero incidents, focusing on reaching the highest levels of industry standards through our dedicated team that goes above and beyond for our clients.

For a more comprehensive understanding of PIPECARE Group's technologies and services, further information can be explored on our official website: www.pipecaregroup.com