Application of high pressure injection method in the vicinity of pipelines
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Dr. Annett Bartscher-Hartmann
Annett Bartscher-Hartmann
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Beside safety the environmental protection is one of the top-ranking objectives in the pipeline industry. Therefore TAL set up a program with the protection of soil and ground water against hazardous substances in mind. So concrete shafts around removable connections as parts of our crude oil pipeline system has been erected in order to avoid the permeation by potential dropping leakages. The challenge of such erection is the interactions of local conditions, operational and technical requirements, what partly ended in watertight construction pits of 6 m depth crossed by crude oil pipeline (in operation) and ground water levels up to the terrain upper edge. Generally, in sewage duct construction such boundary conditions requires the application of a method, where the tightness of the construction pit is achieved by the high pressure injection of liquid concrete around the concrete ducts. But most of the pipelines are steel pipes coated with bituminous material. For the first time a high pressure injection method has been used in the vicinity of crude oil pipelines ensuring a low ground water flow into the construction pit for shaft erection. The results of this method application and the required protection measures as well as the advantages and disadvantages in the vicinity of pipelines will be shown