The Booming Chinese Gas Market - Present and Future Supply Corridors
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Jiang Runyu
Jiang Runyu
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The natural gas market of China has now entered its rapid developing stage. The current international financial crisis will not have big impact on the development of the natural gas market in China.

I. Entering the new century, the natural gas market in China has gained rapid development
Natural gas supply and consumption of China is gaining remarkable increase.
Natural gas pipeline and storage facility construction has obviously accelerated.

II. Reasons of the rapid development of the natural gas market in China
Requirements for environmental protection and improvement of energy utilization efficiency are important factors that promote its rapid development.
The specific proposal of the train of thoughts that make full use of the two markets and the two kinds of resources.
There is a huge natural gas demand by the natural gas market in China.
The government has already formulated relevant policies on natural gas exploration, development and consumption.

III. Conditions required for establishment of a perfect natural gas market
Gradually improve laws and regulations on natural gas exploration, development and utilization, and ensure open, just and fair natural gas market operation.
Make full use of the natural gas resources of the international market to solve the problem of shortage of domestic resources, and gradually achieve basic equilibrium of natural gas supply and demand or supply slightly exceeding demand.
Further accelerate pipeline and storage basic infrastructure construction, and provide necessary transport and peak adjustment guarantee for rapid natural gas market expansion.
Determine reasonable threshold of market access, and cultivate market principal necessary for market growth.

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