CONCAWE’s Oil and Petroleum Product Pipeline Performance Review
Proceedings Publication Date
Peter Davis
Dr. Klaas H. den Haan, Peter Davis
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The CONCAWE Oil Pipeline Management Group (OPMG) has collected 42 years of spillage data on European cross-country oil pipelines. At over 35,000km the inventory currently covers the vast majority of such pipelines in Europe, transporting over 700 million m3 per year of crude oil and petroleum products. CONCAWE publishes an annual statistical summary report of spill incidents which is well received and respected by the industry and regulators in Europe and worldwide. This presentation will provide an overview of the performance over this 41 year period discussing the changing trends and how the industry have responded to maintain continual improvement in its safety and integrity management performance. The 2012 statistics will form the basis of the presentation which will conclude with the current industry concerns (as discussed by the OPMG) and what future improvements are considered necessary. Besides the aforementioned content, the presentation intends to address the causation of the observed incidents and the ideas within CONCAWE and the members of the OPMG to actively reduce the major cause, being third party interference by building upon the experiences in some EU-Member States.

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