Decarbonising pipelines compression stations with hydrogen-ready solutions
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Francesco Bini
Gianluca Bartolini, Marco Baldini, Federica Furcas, Francesco Bini
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Since the beginning of this century there has been a growing interest in hydrogen as potential green and climate neutral energy carrier.

As a consequence, there has been a tremendous effort in this last decade to solve the technical challenges of the hydrogen value chain.

In the way towards a hydrogen fueled economy, transportation, distribution, and storage of hydrogen are primary challenges. Among the possible ways of transporting hydrogen, today the transportation via pipeline network, being technologically mature, seems to be considered the easiest way: the world is looking for hydrogen blending in the pipelines to leverage the existing network and preparing the way for the construction of a hydrogen network.

This paper will provide an update about the development and optimization of the mechanical-drive package from Baker Hughes that enables the 20% vol. hydrogen blending in the pipeline based on existing stations infrastructure. Fuel gas blending capability in gas turbine and upgrading solution for compressor performance will be described for the specific application in Pipelines Compression Stations.

Furthermore it will be presented the enhancement and optimization of the Baker Hughes turbo-compressor solution for 100% hydrogen pipeline station, featuring NovaLTTM16 gas turbine, able to operate with fuel gas composition up to 100% H2 and High Pressure Ratio centrifugal compressor technology, suitable to provide required compression duty keeping single compressor body arrangement.

Data and technical details from this paper will demonstrate the capability of available and under development technologies to significantly reduce GHG emissions in pipeline compression stations

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