Development and Production of Large-Diameter Line Pipe for Offshore Applications
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Dr. Hans-Georg Hillenbrand
Dr. Hans-Georg Hillenbrand, Dr. Andreas Liessem
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The continuous analysis of market requirements for large diameter line pipes used in offshore application reveal that overall the requirements are becoming more and more stringent. This development is triggered by the fact that offshore pipelines are installed in deeper water and operated under higher pressures. Therefore the line pipe material has to show higher strength properties with simultaneously increased toughness. In case that the gas to be transported contains certain amount of H2S additional requirements regarding HIC (Hydrogen Induced Cracking) resistance have to be taken into consideration. As installation of offshore line pipes play a significant role within the whole project costs also the pipe geometry has to be improved steadily with tighter tolerances especially for out of roundness and wall thickness in order to facilitate and speed up pipe laying.

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