The EUROPIPE Group is the world´s leading supplier of SAWL and SAWH steel pipe for gas- and oil pipelines, onshore/offshore, with O.D. from 20“ to 60“ and W.T. from 7,0 to 45 mm, in lengths up to 18,3 m resp. 24,4 m. The annual output is in excess of one million tonnes or around 3000 kilometers on sites in Germany, France and USA (BSPC / BSPM). EUROPIPE is the major pipe supplier for ultra-large projects e.g.
  • South Stream Offshore Pipeline I, Black Sea: EUROPIPE quantity 608 km or 450.000 tons (Project quantity 931 km)
  • Ichthys, Australia: EUROPIPE quantity 540 km or 410,000 tons (Project quantity 880 km)
  • Nord Stream Pipeline I + II, Baltic Sea: EUROPIPE quantity 1.800 km or 1,6 M tons (Project quantity 2x 1.200 km)
Range of competence of the EUROPIPE Group:
  • High-strength pipe: X 80 to X 100
  • HIC-resistant pipe: all grades up to X 70
  • Collapse-resistant pipe: optimisation of geometry and grade
  • Arctic grades: up to X80