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The EUROPIPE Group is the world´s leading supplier of SAWL and SAWH steel pipe for gas- and oil pipelines, onshore/offshore, with O.D. from 20“ to 60“ and W.T. from 7,0 to 45 mm, in lengths up to 18,3 m resp. 24,4 m.
The annual output is in excess of one million tonnes or around 3000 kilometers on sites in Germany, France and USA (BSPC / BSPM).

EUROPIPE is the major pipe supplier for ultra-large projects e.g.

  • South Stream Offshore Pipeline I, Black Sea:
    EUROPIPE quantity 608 km or 450.000 tons (Project quantity 931 km)
  • Ichthys, Australia:
    EUROPIPE quantity 540 km or 410,000 tons (Project quantity 880 km)
  • Nord Stream Pipeline I + II, Baltic Sea:
    EUROPIPE quantity 1.800 km or 1,6 M tons (Project quantity 2x 1.200 km)

Range of competence of the EUROPIPE Group:

  • High-strength pipe: X 80 to X 100
  • HIC-resistant pipe: all grades up to X 70
  • Collapse-resistant pipe: optimisation of geometry and grade
  • Arctic grades: up to X80

All conference papers from this company

Topic Presenter Conference
Challenges of a large Offshore Project from a line pipe manufacturers view Christian Kassel Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Deep Sea - High Tech, Collapse Resistant Pipes for the South Stream Offshore Project Dr. Hans-Georg Hillenbrand Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Controlling Product Quality by Accurate Process Control in EUROPIPE’s High Performance UOE Pipe Mill Dr. Christoph Kalwa Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
View of a Pipe Manufacturer to the Developments for Linepipe Material Dr. Hans-Georg Hillenbrand Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Challenges in Producing Line Pipe for the Nord Stream Project and Connecting Lines Dr. Christoph Kalwa Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Development and Production of Large-Diameter Line Pipe for Offshore Applications Dr. Hans-Georg Hillenbrand Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
PNG, an Innovative System to Transport Gas Economically Dr. Oskar Reepmeyer Pipeline Technology Conference 2006

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