View of a Pipe Manufacturer to the Developments for Linepipe Material
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Dr. Hans-Georg Hillenbrand
Dr. Christoph Kalwa, Dr. Hans-Georg Hillenbrand
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Pipeline systems are the safest and most effective means for continuous gas transport to link gas sources and users at medium distance. The fact that these gas sources are more and more located in remote regions with harsh environmental conditions and contain in certain cases corrosive gas portions results in the development of tailored linepipe material that keeps pipeline transport still the most economic way. This paper gives an overview about EUROPIPE’s development activities to cope with the challenges from the operational necessities. Exemplified by recent and future pipeline projects the paper presents developments covering strain based design material, sour gas resistant material, deep sea designed pipes, crack arrest properties and arctic conditions, as well as optimising manufacturing to high pro-duc¬tivity with a high quality level. The paper gives an outlook to the topics to be solved at the interface material and design.

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