Efficient Crossing of Traffic Routes and Waterways Using The Dynamic Ramming Technique
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Gerhard Völkel
Gerhard Völkel, Jo Eising
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The installation of pipelines in densely populated areas, like for example along the NEL Northern European Gas Pipeline in Northern Germany, requires numerous crossing underneath federal roads, motorways und railway tracks. For the required installation lengths between 30 - 60 metres the dynamic ramming technique is perfectly suitable. The paper presents the technical application aspects in principle - also in comparison to the auger boring technique - the wide application range plus the combination with other trenchless techniques. Using the example of a street crossing for the NEL pipeline, project planning, installation process and removal of the soil from the pipe are described in detail including some video sequences. The daily installation performance is impressive. The Ruhrgas AG rates the dynamic ramming technique as “very recommendable”. In addition examples of alternative ramming appliations, e.g. HDD assist techniques or pipe roofing, are given.

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