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Title Presenter Company Conference
A smart decision-support GIS-based tool for the optimization of pipeline routing taking into consideration the potential geohazards Dr. Prodromos Psarropoulos Greece National Technical University of Athens 11th Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Deformation behaviour of HFI-welded pipes – some examples of present applications – Dr. Holger Brauer Germany Mannesmann Line Pipe 10th Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Efficient Crossing of Traffic Routes and Waterways Using The Dynamic Ramming Technique Gerhard Völkel Germany TRACTO-TECHNIK 7th Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Geographical Distribution of Oil and Natural Gas Deposits - Different Means of Transportation to the Consumption Centers Hilmar Rempel Germany Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) 1st Pipeline Technology Conference 2006
New Transport Routes for Oil- and Gas Export out the Caspian Area – Will this Area Become Crucial for the European Energy Supply? Christian Heinz Germany ILF Consulting Engineers 5th Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
Pipeline Route Planning: Analyse Remote Sensing, Ground Movement and GIS Data Udo Wiese Germany Ing.-Büro Udo Wiese 1st Pipeline Technology Conference 2006
Planned and Ongoing Pipeline Projects for Caspian Oil and Gas. A Race between Europe and China? Christian Heinz Germany ILF Consulting Engineers 6th Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Semi-optimised pipeline routing for CO2 Capture and Storage Kris Welkenhuysen Belgium Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences 6th Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
The Politics of Transnational Pipeline Projects: Nabucco Mark Iden Belgium Diplomacy International Group 3rd Pipeline Technology Conference 2008
Using Satellite InSAR in the Gas and Oil Industry; Route Analyses and Continuous Pipeline Coverage Analyses Suri Bayirli Netherlands Fugro Aerial Mapping B.V. 5th Pipeline Technology Conference 2010

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