Enhanced Operating Efficiencies And Safety Using The World Of IoT
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Alastair Maclachlan
Alastair Maclachlan, Piers Corfield
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Real time monitoring of oil and gas pipeline infrastructure has always been a challenge. Data is available at pump stations, pigging stations and intermediate block valves however there remain significant lengths where routine patrols is the only source. Un-planned incidents/losses risk significant financial and reputational impacts. With the growth of IoT, Cloud and Big data technologies these gaps and risks can be minimised. Technologies now exist that can enhance operating efficiencies and emergency response capabilities, benefiting the Operator, the Regulator and the public. Dashboard has developed a telemetry solution for pipeline infrastructure bringing together technologies from IoT, machine learning and geospatial visualisation. This non- intrusive retrofit collar (Limpet) provides high-resolution flow measurement, leak detection and an accelerometer to provide impact/vibration data. The integrated solution is self-sustaining in terms of power and communications. The units incorporate Edge computing intelligence to minimise telemetry overhead. Flow data is subject to differential analytic calculations providing flow and leak detection analysis. Multiple collars may be deployed across cross-country infrastructure, or specifically at high risk sites such as rivers. Multiple units enhances sensitivity with improved notification times for pipeline integrity issues or third party intrusion hence improving Operator response times. It also enhances accuracy and cross-correlation of existing data from pressurisation stations and existing flow meters. Data captured is managed within a high- performance private cloud environment. The Operator for the first time, can continuously monitor operations in the context of topography and prevailing environmental conditions. Data analytics and machine learning identify trends, rapid reporting, enhance efficiencies in data handling. This solution speaks to health and safety, regulatory compliance, process continuity and overall efficiency. It complements existing systems used by the Operators. Technology offers opportunity to make a step change in the way data is gathered and used. All towards delivering increased uptime and safer operations