Enhanced Threat Detection and Assessment Capabilities Using Multiple Dataset ILI Technology
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Jürgen Ehrhardt
Juergen Ehrhardt, Jed Ludlow
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T.D. Williamson, has been providing customers with inline inspection solutions using multiple data sets on a single platform for the last several years. The value of obtaining information from numerous inspection technologies, at the same point in time, is invaluable in assessing anomalies. This paper will focus on improved feature assessment through utilization of axial MFL and SpirALL® MFL technologies. The value of gathering multiple inline inspection (ILI) data sets simultaneously on a single inspection tool has long been understood. Tools equipped with a combination of high field axial magnetic flux leakage (MFL), mechanical deformation sensors, and high accuracy XYZ mapping technologies have been available for many years. The value of including additional data sets such as helical MFL and low field axial MFL is the focus of this paper. Each tool is equipped with the following inspection technologies: • High field axial MFL • Helical MFL • Low field axial MFL • Mechanical deformation • High accuracy XYZ mapping Applying multiple independent magnetizing fields differs from a conventional tri-axial MFL implementation. In a tri-axial MFL implementation, a single axial magnetizing field is applied to the pipe wall, and three components of the resulting leakage field are measured. In contrast, a multiple magnetizing field tool applies more than one magnetic field to the pipe wall, each field differing in either direction or strength, tailored to highlight specific characteristics of targeted anomalies. The performance of ILI technologies is usually broken out by POF classification. Not all technologies are suitable for all anomaly classes. This presentation will highlight on a few case studies the benefits of using the integrated approach of MDS technology in assessing data differently.

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