Fostering Innovation in the Pipeline Industry
Proceedings Publication Date
Daniel Gasquet
The International Pipe Line and Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA) represents around 250 of the key international players in onshore and offshore pipeline construction worldwide. In addition to events held all around the world such as the Annual Convention and Regional Meetings, IPLOCA has established different committees, including the HSE & CSR Committee and the Innovation Committee, to bring value to its members by instigating and facilitating numerous initiatives. The HSE & CSR Committee plays a central role in encouraging all industry players to implement the most efficient health & safety measures applicable, to act for the protection of the environment and to assist in raising the standard of living and education of local populations. In that context, it collects Health, Safety and Environmental statistics to publish aggregates, it hosts workshops, the next one taking place in Geneva on 23 October 2018, it supports a Health & Safety Shared Experiences platform, and has prepared and licensed a safety DVD. The Innovation Committee launched the Novel Construction Initiative in 2006. Participants meet twice a year for one-and a-half-day sessions dedicated to the improvement of processes and products. The latest edition of the resulting document, “The Road to Success” was published in 2017 as an app for tablets and smartphones. The next session of the Novel Construction Initiative will take place in Berlin in conjunction with the PTC on 15 and 16 March 2018. IPLOCA awards were introduced to be a source for sharing new ideas while recognising those leading companies that are always in search of excellence. Awards are presented for achievements in health & safety, corporate social responsibility, new technologies, the protection of the environment, and excellence in project execution.