Geohazard multi-sensor IIoT monitoring system
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Adrian Banica
Steve Edmondson, Adrian Banica
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Direct-C has developed a Geohazard monitoring IIoT system, which is based on their existing ground probe system- SubSense.

Geohazard monitoring programs for pipelines focus on detecting ground movement (surface and subsurface), soil conditions (pore pressure, water level, temperature), pipe condition (strain, deformation, metal loss), and product leaks. To monitor several Geohazards in one sensor system, Direct-C have added a triaxial tiltmeter to SubSense. This tiltmeter measures the tilt and acceleration of a casing that is installed in the ground, providing near-real-time data measurement of ground movements. The SubSense casing is made of rigid metal which does not significantly deform during any ground movement. This would be combined with oil leak detection, water level indicators, and temperature sensors which are all deployed at various depths below ground along the installed sensor probe. The sensor array is connected to a single IIoT device which sends data via Cellular or Satellite modems to a cloud-based data and asset management system where alerts are generated based on any upset conditions detected by a sensor. Geohazards generated by changes in water level, ground temperature or ground movement can be alerted within a few minutes of one of these sensors detecting a significant change.

This paper describes the design of the Geohazard monitoring system and contains analysis of data obtained from Field Tests of Geohazard units that have been deployed.

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