The German Safety System for Gas Infrastructure
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Hiltrud Schülken
Hiltrud Schülken, Alfred Klees
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The gas safety statistics prove an excellent high safety level in Germany. The technical safety in Germany is based on the principle of technical self-responsibility of the gas sector which since decades is supported by DVGW e.V., the German technical and scientific association for gas and water. The traditional self-responsibility of the gas sector has continually proven its worth over the course of the gas industry’s transformation, and in particular from the end of the 1950s up to the present world of liberalised energy markets. The changes in energy supply that are currently taking place, increasingly shifting the focus of attention on renewable energy sources and highly efficient technologies, will present new challenges to gas network operators. But whatever the developments are, structural market changes should never be allowed to negatively impact the high safety standard that has been achieved in the operation of gas supply systems. The presentation gives an insight view to the mechanisms and players working for the safeguard of the high safety level and the self-responsibility of the gas sector.

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