The DVGW has been working for the gas and water industry as an independent and unbiased technical-scientific association since 1859, the objective being to create a basis for the safe and technologically flawless supply of gas and water. The Technical Rules issued by the DVGW form the core of this basis. These rules have been devised by the various DVGW bodies and enjoy quasi-legal status, which at the same time ensures the self-administration of the industry.

All previous conference papers from this company:
Topic Presenter Conference
The German Gas and Water Association’s Approach to Attract Students Stephan Tolkmitt Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Integrated Safety Concept of DVGW in Terms of Statistical Verification of Incidents Frank Dietzsch Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
The German Safety System for Gas Infrastructure Hiltrud Schülken Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
The German Innovation Initiative for the Optimisation of Existing Gas Infrastructures Dr. Jürgen Lenz Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
The DVGW Technical Standards Gas in the German Legal Framework and European Directives Detlef Jagodzinski Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Process Engineering and Optimisation of Pressure Pipe Networks Klaus Büschel Pipeline Technology Conference 2006