ILDS - An Innovative Approach for Pipeline Leak Detection
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Maurino de Febbo
Maurino de Febbo, Marco Antonio Conti Craveiro
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Leaks in pipelines have always been an issue and even a small leak has the potential to turn into a catastrophic event, if not detected and stopped in time.  The recent regulations in many countries are also becoming more and more exigent regarding the environmental protection, so the Leak Detection Systems play an important role in any pipeline integrity program nowadays.

LDS are specially designed tools that help operators to quickly identify and react to a spill. These systems continuously monitor the pipeline operation and alarm deviations from normal condition that can be associated with a leak. There are several technologies in the market that calls for leaks detection, however, all of them have its own characteristics and limitations. A good set of features associated to a good performance in many different application scenarios is something not easy to achieve using just one methodology.

The Asel-Tech’s new ILDS (Integrated Leak Detection System) is based on two different Leak Detection methodologies and has been designed with focus to fulfill a complete set of desired characteristics with best possible performance. The innovative approach relies on the synergy between the two applied methodologies, the Negative Pressure Wave and the Mass Balance, that outstand complementary features and characteristics strategically combined in the ILDS. This combination grants to the ILDS unique features and improves the overall system performance gathering a rich set of features not found in any other leak detection pack currently available in the market.

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