Innovative coatings and linings resisting mechanical and chemical wear
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Dr. Friedrich Karau
Friedrich Karau
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Slurry pipelines nowadays are widely used for mining applications. Million tons of ores and excavated material worldwide are fed through slurry pipes as a suspension. These suspensions (slurries) attack the pipeline material or the lining of the pipes mechanically and often chemically as well. There are many methods to prevent the pipeline material from abrasion and corrosion, but not all of these methods are suitable techniques from an economical point of view. Additionally most of the coatings are not expedient along with welding. Therefore it is helpful to regard pipe laying as an overall concept. The combination of socket pipes and innovative pipe linings and coatings provides a so called “active” corrosion protection and abrasion protection system. It is a good choice to obtain both, an easily and rapidly to install pipe system with high grade corrosion and abrasion protection without any losses due to welding or machining. Advanced mineral based coatings and linings have excelled themselves in the last time to accomplish that job very successfully.

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