Is it safe? Industry Best Practices for Protecting Standard SCADA Networks
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Arjen Zwaag
Arjen Zwaag
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The pressure to increase profits and reduce expenses is pushing many utilities to move away from proprietary SCADA networks to open, standards-based networks that integrate SCADA systems with business networks. And while Ethernet and IP networking does streamline operations and provide valuable data that increases plant efficiency, there are potential pitfalls in securing networks that leverage the Internet to facilitate core business operations such as outage management and procurement.
This session will share industry Best Practices for addressing the real world challenges of using open Ethernet networks. Attendees will receive proven strategies for enhancing network availability, security, and redundancy. The subject-matter expert will show that there is no reason for utility companies to shun the immense benefits that can be derived from the integration of SCADA systems and the advantages of the Internet. Although security threats are real, the measures to protect standards-based SCADA systems are proven and reliable.

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