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Vladimir Bondar
Yuriy B. Leychenko, Vladimir A. Bondar
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The world energetic arteries - oil and gas pipelines - are not eternal. After 15 or 20 years the isolating layer has to be changed. Otherwise, because of corrosion the pine would be damaged. The breakdowns of the pipelines are to be named next to other environmental and industrial disasters of the present.
Emergency repair with universal earth-moving machines is very expensive and not efficient.

All mentioned above has reasoned to design a complex of the special machines for maintenance works at the pipelines without stopping its functioning. The relevance of this decision is especially good to understand while realizing the total length of all pipelines in the world. Technical ideas used in machines’ design are proved with the patents in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Canada, Hungary, in European and Eurasian Patent Authorities.

The complex consists of some working machines, which are moving consequently along the pipeline and fulfilling its own task. The main three of them are designed by using the latest innovations of drive and control technology from Rexroth.

The machines work in the tempo of 100 m/h. Each machine can work as a part of the whole complex as free-running – only for its operation.

The machine for layer-digging MPRG goes at first on the open virgin country and with its sensors feels though the ground, where the pipe lays. The backfilling of the pipeline ditch is organized in inversion, which minimizes ecological impact.

The second machine MVT follows the dib hole, which the first machine has made. It is assigned for pipeline opening-up. This machine as well as the first one “feels” the tube excepting its damaging.
The next three machines haven’t any hydraulic system. These are the digging machine MPRG, the machine for removing of the old isolation and the machine for coating of the new pipeline isolation. These three machines remove the ground rests, the old isolation and coating with the new one from the long-lasting and environmental friendly modern material.

The main difficulty by burying of the line after the repair is to ensure it from sagging and therefore – from damaging. This task has to be done by the tamping machine MP.
The machine complex was tested while repairing the pipelines in different climate zones, on the different ground arts and showed high safety, which to considerable degree hangs on application of Bosch Rexroth hydraulics.

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