Large size quarter turn control valves can improve safety in pipelines
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Carlos Lorusso
Carlos Lorusso
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Most control valve applications in pipelines are related to system start-up and shut down, emergency operations, delivery control, fluid speed control for pipeline internal examination. Selection of the right control valve is a key factor for long term successful performance  for large applications where the safety and security of supply are important considerations.

This document presents considerations for control valve selection to improve the safety and operation of oil and gas pipelines.

Axial control valves are used when high pressure drop, high flow coefficients, low noise levels and bubble tight shut-off are required.  Common applications include compressor start-up, shut-down and High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS). Triple offset valves (TOV) are used for large volume flow control, bubble tight shutoff, pressure drops of less than 30%.Typical applications include delivery point and controlled blow down.

Ball valves are used for speed control for intelligent pig travel during pipeline examination and cleaning operations. Tyco Flow Control has researched, developed and supplied devices for a range of applications to assure the safe and reliable operation of critical control valve systems.

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